Sunday, October 16, 2016

Modern Amish by Kay W

Apologies for being so late! My quilt has been finished since the due date, but I just haven't dealt with the photo and blog stage.  Now I just have to get to the post office!

After a reading of my quilt books I realised my stash contained very little of the Amish palette.  Since a big part of the challenge has to be not purchasing more fabric I decided to do these Amish Pineapple blocks in bright colours and a modern setting.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Amish Inspired by Lynn

Amish quilts =  plain coloured fabrics, simple repeated blocks, and hand quilting.

Amish Inspired.  Here it is!

Enjoy your Amish collection, Judith. Best wishes from Lynn.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Bars Variation - Judith

Browsing "Amish Crib Quilts from the midwest – The Sara Miller collection" I came across this 1920 -1940 quilt by an unknown quilter which I felt I needed to replicate in a miniature form using hand dyed and black calico. The quilt is freely machine pieced and quilted using, what I’ve been told, the traditional black thread.
I’m loving the Amish quilts appearing on the Blog, all different and all very special, thank you fellow stitchers.


Simplicity. By Kerry

Thank you Judith for the Challenge. Last year at Quilt market Hoffman brought out a range of Batiks in solids this was a great opportunity to work with them. There is always an element of imperfection in an Amish quilt and mine seams to be in the binding application . Did not look like it in reality but the camera tells no lies.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

"Lovebirds" stitched by Margie

I'm a great follower of the 'keep it simple' principle, so I have stitched a very traditional Amish 'bars' design in plain cloth. "Lovebirds" is from Quilting designs of the Amish by Pepper Cory. 

Kaffe and the Amish - Helen

One of my favourite Amish quilts is Roman Stripes. The Kaffe fabric seemed to blend with my very meagre stash of solids. Judith - quilts are looking great and hope you enjoy. The fabrics are not faded at the bottom of the quilt - my next workshop needs to be photography!!

Amish Steps by Anna

Enjoyed researching the Amish Quilts with you Judith. Great topic. Love the way this one looks 3D.
Looking forward to the lucky last 'sunset 'quilts from you all next month. Cheers Anna