Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daffodil Harvest - Helen

For someone who has lived on a farm the harvest theme provided an opportunity to reminisce using fabric. Our family farm included a dairy, an apple and pear orchard, extensive market garden, daffodils and the "crop" for which the family was well known in the state - gladioli, grown for both the cut flower and bulb markets. In the latter years of ownership the daffodils became the main activity  - my late uncle achieved his ambition of completely covering the eight acre paddock with daffodils, including the banks and down to the water's edge of the dam in the paddock!

Guardian of the Crop

Thought long and hard about this one!  Something to do with wine came to mind since our son trained as a winemaker, but I knew that was Deb's area of expertise.  I took a step backward  and realised that you can't have a harvest without a good crop, so here is my scarecrow, keeping watch over the fields of grain, helping them reach peak ripeness.


'Harvest' - Challenge 12 - for Judith from Lorraine

Hi girls
Not much to harvest in our small house block, however our very young Meyer lemon tree has decided to produce a bumper crop this year. Good for the G & T at happy hour.
Looking forward to seeing the others as they pop up.
cheers Lorraine

Saturday, May 28, 2011

HARVEST for Judith from Pam

Harvest for your enjoyment Judith!
We live in the Hunter Valley area even though we are right on the coast of NSW. About two and half hours north of Sydney.
The Hunter Valley is a popular tourist destination, with many visiting the many wineries.
Best wishes and I look forward to the next theme.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Grape Harvest - Deb

When Judith suggested The Harvest as a theme we were right in the middle of the grape harvest here in McLaren Vale. Although we don't actually squash the grapes with our feet anymore, I found this photo on the internet and thought it was very appropriate. (We have a friend who is making his own wine this year and he put the grapes into a bucket with holes punched in it, put another bucket inside the first one, a plank of wood on top and then sat on it! It worked.)
Lorraine might notice some free motion circles (the grapes) on this quilt. Free motion quilting is not my thing so I was very pleased with the way this turned out. I've had some very patient teachers!

harvest moon
stitched by Margie for Judith april/may 2011

We had a particularly bright moon just after Judith announced her theme "harvest". Good old Google told me this was the autumn equinox - the moon appears low in the sky and brighter than usual so in the old days the farmer could extend the harvest into the evening by the light of the moon - hence it is known as the Harvest Moon [nowadays they just turn on the tractor lights!]. The quilt pattern is  traditional and known as Moon over the mountain. Machine pieced and hand appliqued and quilted. I enjoy playing with combinations of colour and pattern and am often pleasantly surprised by the results [and sometimes not]. Margie