Sunday, September 30, 2012

BeeLine by Mary

Hi Helen
Dance of the Honey Bees came into mind when I thought about Tracks.
 I put the beehive on and then I thought maybe you don't have that type of beehive in Aus - it could be a NZ special just for you.
I used crayon to colour some of the quilt,  as that is what we were doing in my artgroup that week.  The wings of the bees are 3d.
Hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Deb - 'Rail Tracks'

I tried to think laterally for this one but kept coming back to the first image in my mind - railway tracks! I like the graphic imagery and went with some unusual colours for the fabric. I have hand stitched big quilting stitches on the background using some of Heather Ridley's hand dyed cotton. I really enjoyed this one Helen.


Music TRACKS for Helen.
One day I may become an art quilter!!!!!!!!, but at the moment I am still a traditionalist.
In saying all that I really enjoyed this theme, Helen.
Made me think!
Enjoy all the little quilts that will be on their way soon.
loads of cheer,
Thanks Deb for sorting out our Blog and getting it up to date.
What would we do without you!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Tracks - take only photographs; leave only footprints" stitched by Margie for Helen

Our Tom is a podiatrist so footprints came first to mind and Bob and I enjoy walking holidays [or tramping as you do across the ditch]; which brought to mind the saying take only photographs...  
I fussy cut the "photographs" from a piece of Alexander Henry fabric. I spent a few peaceful hours in the spring sunshine [we haven't had much sun for a while] stitching this little piece for Helen. Bring on the next challenge! Margie

Colour My World

The photograph of John Deere tractor tracks did so want a little colour and adventure in its life.  It asked Photoshop to colour its world and Photoshop did just that.  It requested Epson Printer to print it on fabric and Pfaff to make it into a quilt.  They both obliged. Now for the adventure to fly to Oz and meet Helen and all the other “Tracks” quilts.  I enjoyed making this for you Helen. 

With best wishes

Mother Goose Tracks for Helen

Tracks was an interesting theme.  It provided so many choices:  Puffing Billy, the Olympics, droving tracks in the Outback.  Eventually I settled on something more traditional, the Goose Tracks block.  Then I wondered who would make a goose track?  Obviously, Mother Goose!  So here she is, proudly laying claim to her very own quilting block.  I hope you like her.