Friday, July 31, 2015

Through the Window - Judith

This has been an interesting challenge Kay, in more ways than one, so many possibilities but which to choose. In the end it was the black and white fabric that helped my decision.
How much I enjoyed spending time with you both in May, to hear you speak about your work and to see and appreciate the detail in the quilts up close. Thank you.  
Enjoy your little quilts, with best wishes

Blue Logs - Helen

My stash is strong on blue but not much black and white! However, I did find a few pieces to include in one of my favourite traditional designs, Log Cabin. Hope you are enjoying your quilts, Kay - they are looking great.

Wheels in Motion by Kerry

Just for a change I did not piece this little quilt instead I printed ,stamped painted embellished and finally did a little stitching . Had a ball thank you Kay let me try out my new round Gelli plate.

Black, White and Lime by Anna

The black and white background is made from 2 fabrics with the same print but in reverse. I enjoyed weaving them together then couching the thread on top of the seams.
Was good to catch up with you Kay, in Palmerston North, and I did enjoy your talk and seeing your quilts in the 'flesh'.
Enjoy your quilts.

Black, White and Jade by Ngaire

This is my adaption from a pattern called 'Escape Mist' by Elizabeth Hartman. It was also a chance to use our New Zealand silver fern fabrics with a colour I like.
It was great to meet up with you in Palmerston North Kay and seeing all your beautiful quilts.
Regards Ngaire

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kokopelli by Lynn

Kokopelli from Lynn
I discovered Kokopelli on a trip to the USA years ago, and I recently found him again in a book of Indian designs. He seemed to fit the theme of Black and White.
Kokopelli is an ancient Anasazi Indian character: the flute player, the mischief maker and bringer of joy. Because he is usually found as a petroglyph on rocks, the white fabric is not pristine white, and the terra cotta is the colour of the Four Corners Area of the USA where his legend began.

Kay, enjoy your Black and White collection.

My black & White - by KayH

I love what I have seen from the challenge so far and I am so looking forward to more!

I have called mine "MEANDER".

I constructed this with a couple of my favourite Black & White fabrics and a magenta-coloured cord.

The cord enters the piece and leaves it again, after meandering around frivolously.

Some beads found their way in as well, - just for fun.

Thanks for all your lovely work out there. I'll check the blog and my mailbox every day...!

X   Kay H

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"Sprouters and shooters" stitched by Margie

After devastating fires a currawong observes the regeneration of the bush.
After completing the quilt I read that some trees are re-shooters and some are sprouters and some are both; that is, they re-shoot from the original plant, or seeds released from their burnt pods sprout.  Machine applique with hand stitching.

The third in my tree series!

Deb - Eye of the Tiger

When Kay posted this challenge I had the answer straight away - a box of 1" black and white squares from a UFO I started a year or so ago! One of the fabrics features black and white jungle animals, and since 'eye of the tiger' is a line from a very popular song at the moment ('Roar' sung by Katy Perry) I decided I would feature the tiger.
I did cheat a little bit! There are tiny bits of blue and red as well as the yellow!
I actually had this quilt finished in the first week instead of my usual last minute rush!!