Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lorraine - Tea for Two

Hi Judy,

Thanks for the challenge 'Negative Space' it was interesting trying to create an image without getting into positive/negative mode.

I really enjoyed the challenge and I think we all had to think hard with this one.

I called mine "Tea for Two". 
Original title - not!!

It's in the post as I write.

Cheers Lorraine

The Fourth Quadrant by Kay W.

I must spend too much time thinking mathematically!  When the topic 'Negative Space"
was posted the only thought in my head was the fourth quadrant of the co-ordinate plane, where the x and y values are both negative.  So here it is.  All the numbers have fallen of their number line and are floating in their very own negative space in the fourth quadrant.  With apologies to those of you with horrible memories of high school algebra and geometry classes!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Trees are full of negative space by Anna

I have made the negative space on this quilt black rather than white. I also created the binding fabric by quilting a pattern on it. I love this stylised tree design and thought it worked well for this project, Judy. We have all had to put our thinking caps on so thanks. Love Anna

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mary - Negative Space

Hi Judith
I am always saying to my students "look at the negative space too".  But when it came to thinking about this challenge, I was a bit stumped.
Then I remembered that whenever I cut out a spiral, I have a cute leftover piece which is almost the same.
So here is my version of negative space. 
I quilted right over the design without stitching down the fused edges, as I thought the stitching might detract.  It was an interesting exercise, as the stitching pulled it in and there were a few anxious moments until it was all done.
Beading finished the edges.  I enjoyed this project and hope you like it.