Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Building Blocks

Over the years blocks of wood have always been part of our family life. Dad always made things from them, the boys had a bag of blocks to play and build with and now the grandchildren are playing with them. So here are my building blocks that I have enjoyed playing with.
Thank you all for the great work you have put into this theme.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

In a Spin

Oh dear, late again, in a Spin, we recently returned from a trip to Oz, fantastic, can’t wait to return but first the pile of pennies has to grow.

I find spinning tops fascinating and you told me Ngaire that your youngest grandson does too.  A happy coincidence it seems. I hope you enjoy this little quilt I loved making it. 

To those of you gathering in Sydney, have a great time.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Julian's Jack-in-the-Box

When our grandson Julian was a baby his Jack-in-the-Box was his favourite toy.  He squealed with delight when someone made it work for him and it became a great joy when he finally learned to do it himself.

I must confess that this was Plan B.  My first idea was just too hard for my limited artistic talent, but I am really quite pleased with the result and I hope you like "Jack" too.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Temari Balls by Jane

I really enjoyed this subject as I knew I was going to sashiko stitch the temari ball.
The Japanese temari ball became popular in the Edo period. Children would play tossing and juggling games with them and as they played chant rhymes. The introduction of the bouncing rubber ball sent the temari ball for play into decline. They are now given as a special gift for the birth of a child or for someone very specilal.
They have become small works of art rather than toys. I have made a few which were exciting to make using the bright and contrasting threads and to see the patterns evolve...much easier than they look!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Toys for Ngaire

My husband Ray has a wonderful collection of antique sewing machines dating from 1872. He renovated this lovely old machine and gave it to me several years ago, it is displayed in my sewing room and I love the ivy leaf decal still delicately winding along the body of the machine. He started collecting them as he wanted something in the house 'older than him'. I hope you enjoy the little quilts Ngaire, thanks for the great theme I had fun with it. I have actually done a duplicate of the quilt for me, may sit it behind the machine. cheers Lorraine 

My New Toy by Anna

I was lucky enough to win an iPad and have had a wonderful time playing with it.
My husband has also had a wonderful time playing with it and I didn't get enough " playtime " so have bought him one of his own. We are now both very happy reading books, fiddling with photos and listening to music on our own toys!!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Made in the USA - Kerry

This little quilt was made in the USA while I was staying with my friend Cheryl Phillips in Colorado. I bought all the supplies at a lovely quilt shop in Grand Junction and made the quilt at her home. Isn't quilting wonderful, it makes friends for us all over the world. Based on my circle theme I thought of balloons but also wanted to include some pieced blocks hence the pinwheels. Ngaire I hope you enjoy this little quilt as much as the pleasure I had in sewing with my friend. Now Ruth ,Red!!!!! If you girls from NZ who can not come to Aus would you like to lend me your little darlings to take in my bag, promise to send them back on my return.Up to You . I am on my way mon the 11th.

"Stacking puzzle: 3 - 99 years" stitched by Margie for Ngaire

Have just put the grandchildren on the plane back to Melbourne so all I can show you for now is a work in progress.

Now quilted [in the ditch] and bound my little quilt will soon be on its way across the ditch. Thanks for an excuse to visit the toy shop Ngaire. Margie 7 June 012

The Dog - Helen

The focus of my quilt is the very well worn lambswool dog in the centre of the photograph. Handed down from my brother, it was my favourite childhood toy and almost all photographs taken over quite a few years included the dog. My mother was constantly making repairs to keep the dog in one piece and to keep the filling inside.I hope you enjoy your quilts Ngaire.