Sunday, July 31, 2011

Navy and White with a Dash - Helen

Through my eyes navy and white should always be accompanied by a "dash" of another colour - in my case that would always be red!
A discontinued furnishing fabric sample led to this quilt design - the sample looked really smart in bronze, grey and cream tones but I thought that the pattern had potential for the navy and white theme.
Thanks for this theme Jane and the quilts are looking great.

The Navy Blues

This quilt created some serious problems!  The first image that sprang to mind when I read the challenge was the Village People singing "In the Navy".  A bit too hard - too many people in a little quilt. The next navy and white image was the Carlton Football Club - for the New Zealanders, a champion Australian Rules football club based in Melbourne.  We used to live near their home ground, their playing uniform is navy and white and they are known as the"Navy Blues".  Now comes the scary part!  When I told my husband the theme for this challenge he immediately began singing "In the Navy"!  I said that I had already thought of that, but an indian headdress was probably a bit too much of a lateral stretch even for me.  He then said "Well, there is always Carlton."  I couldn't believe it!  We've clearly been together too long!

So here is my little navy and white quilt, a tribute to the great Aussie Rules side, the Carlton Football Club.

Now, it is time to reveal your next challenge:  Time.

I hope you enjoy it.  Happy Sewing,


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stop and smell the Flowers - by Ruth

Hi Jane,
I just typed out a story to go with my little quilt but then the computer 'switched itself off'
and so I had to start all over and reload the photo etc.
So i'll be brief!
I enjoyed the navy and white challenge.
Enjoy your quilts. They all look fabulous! Well done girls!

Tiles - Judith

I have just taken possession of a bias binding making machine, which makes yards of bias tape in minutes. This little Japanese Meshwork quilt just begged to be made.  The pattern is from “Meshwork with Fabrics” written in Japanese but with good diagrams. I enjoyed making it for you, Jane, and I hope it gives you pleasure.       Cheers Judith

Karabana / Chinese Flowers - Ngaire

Dear Jane
At a recent symposium I did a class called “Sashiko by Machine” with Judy Turner.  Your request for navy and white gave me another chance to practice her techniques.  The design is called “Karabana”or "Chinese Flowers" taken from Mary Parker’s book “Shashiko” whose designs I enjoy and hope to do more of.   Ngaire.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Navy and white celtic

I really enjoyed making this quilt for you Jane as I was able to try out a new technique I have been wanting to trial. I managed to change the colour of the bias strip and match it perfectly to the seam line.The 9x12 quilt is the perfect size to experiment with.
Cheers Anna

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NAVY and WHITE for Jane

Loved making this little quilt.
Thank you Jane. I think I had it made in the first couple of weeks.
With my helper, the computer and I, it all just happened.
Look forward to the next challenge, Kay.
Bring it on!
Wasn't it great that Quilt Encounter were willing to share our quilts with their quilters. To all accounts they enjoyed seeing all the different things we have done. Sixty quilts will have shown a great variety of ideas.
Our quilt group here, the Nelson Bay Quilters would also like to have a display with them in April 2012.
Will let you all know when this comes around.
happy quilting everyone.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Deb - Teacup Stack

I really enjoyed this theme. My first thought was to do a sailor - who doesn't like a man in uniform!!  Then I wanted to use some of my Japanese fabric collection which I thought Jane would like, so I looked at stacks of bowls and teacups and decided on the teacups. When it came to the quilting, white and navy looked very boring so I did some with red!

Kerry - When Bali Meets Japan

"Flutter By" - Navy and White - stitched by Margie for Jane

I admit to tossing around at night dreaming up grand ideas for our challenges but in the cold light of day the skills required for these grand ideas are beyond me! And so back to basics [and having fun] - out came all my navy and white fabrics, many of which were rejected for being more blue than navy, more cream than white. And I love the log cabin block and all its variations. I find it interesting that even though I did try very hard to cut and piece accurately the little blocks still look wobbly due to the scale of the prints.  Machine pieced and hand quilted.