Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Navy Blues

This quilt created some serious problems!  The first image that sprang to mind when I read the challenge was the Village People singing "In the Navy".  A bit too hard - too many people in a little quilt. The next navy and white image was the Carlton Football Club - for the New Zealanders, a champion Australian Rules football club based in Melbourne.  We used to live near their home ground, their playing uniform is navy and white and they are known as the"Navy Blues".  Now comes the scary part!  When I told my husband the theme for this challenge he immediately began singing "In the Navy"!  I said that I had already thought of that, but an indian headdress was probably a bit too much of a lateral stretch even for me.  He then said "Well, there is always Carlton."  I couldn't believe it!  We've clearly been together too long!

So here is my little navy and white quilt, a tribute to the great Aussie Rules side, the Carlton Football Club.

Now, it is time to reveal your next challenge:  Time.

I hope you enjoy it.  Happy Sewing,


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