Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lorraine - Oscar

Hi Mary,
my portrait is of our little dog Oska. Thank you for the challenge I enjoyed bringing the image to life with free motion stitching and shading, rather like colouring in, only using threads. Hope you like him. Sorry for the late posting I have only just returned from our trip to the USA, only I extended and also went to Canada and Alaska. We had many laughs together and lots of photos to share.
cheers Lorraine

Monday, August 12, 2013

Mary - Betty, 1944

Betty, 1944

Hi everyone
Thank you all for  my lovely portraits, they are all wonderful and I will treasure each one.
What a hard challenge I set.
Here is my attempt, slightly experimental.  This is my Mum, Betty, photo taken on her 20th birthday.  My sister sent me this pic for my birthday, I had never seen it before.  Made me feel quite emotional.

I used some retro fabrics which I had acquired, and made a collage.  I then used artist transfer paper and photo manipulation to make a black and white image which I ironed onto the collage.  Not sure if it has come off but an interesting experiment.


 This is Gordon, John's Dad. John says his dad was not that scary!  But I enjoyed doing this portrait, it is bigger than our size, but something a little different for me.  I am keen to try to do more of these.

Thank you all for my "portraits"

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mug Shot - Judith

Mary I loved making Mug Shot for you, although it didn’t meet the deadline it was such an interesting challenge, now even TV has become so much more entertaining as I study facial features, expressions, etc.
Apologies once again to everyone for trailing the group, I’m on a mission to complete a round robin quilt begun as a Club project in 2002. I didn’t want it to return to the cupboard for another 11 years so just had to finish quilting the round before I could start the portrait. The trouble is the rounds are getting bigger, just two more to go.
Loved catching up again at Taupo Symposium Mary, enjoy your quilts.
Love Judith

Deb - Self Portrait

I've always wanted to do a colourful self portrait (as I've seen in Quilting Arts magazines) so when Mary gave us this challenge I knew what I wanted to do.
I took a photo of myself on my iPad and very lightly traced it to use as a template. Then I played with colour! I didn't like the look of my short hair so I played with flowers and leaves. I added some black and white earrings for a bit of contrast. The giraffes on my jumper signify an online class I'm doing at the moment - 'The Year of the Giraffe'.
This is how I'd like to live my life - bright, bold and colourful!!
I hope you like it Mary. I really had fun doing this quilt.

Virginia W - Helen

While my portrait could be 'anyone', an idea developed from a greeting card that featured an abstract illustration of the writer Virginia Woolf. The card included part of one of her many short quotes. This one really appealed to me -
         "I don't believe in aging.
          I believe in forever altering one's aspect to the sun."
This quite troubled lady who lived from 1882 to 1941 was the author of many varied works. My portrait is 'somewhere' between the card and photographs of Virginia Woolf.
I apologise for my late post this time. I was fortunate to be in the travel group to the USA - I've mentioned this only because I bought the card in the Pike Place Markets in Seattle. And we all had a great time!