Monday, August 12, 2013

Mary - Betty, 1944

Betty, 1944

Hi everyone
Thank you all for  my lovely portraits, they are all wonderful and I will treasure each one.
What a hard challenge I set.
Here is my attempt, slightly experimental.  This is my Mum, Betty, photo taken on her 20th birthday.  My sister sent me this pic for my birthday, I had never seen it before.  Made me feel quite emotional.

I used some retro fabrics which I had acquired, and made a collage.  I then used artist transfer paper and photo manipulation to make a black and white image which I ironed onto the collage.  Not sure if it has come off but an interesting experiment.


 This is Gordon, John's Dad. John says his dad was not that scary!  But I enjoyed doing this portrait, it is bigger than our size, but something a little different for me.  I am keen to try to do more of these.

Thank you all for my "portraits"

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