Saturday, December 31, 2016

Penguins at Dusk for Anna

Hi Anna
What a fitting theme for the last of our challenges, well done.
When I thought of sunset I remembered seeing the 'Little Penguins' or sometimes called 'Fairy Penguins' coming in from a days fishing at sea, to find and feed their babies. The noise of the babies calling was something I will always remember.
Thanks for the theme.
from Lorraine

Amish Quilter in Redwork for Judith

Hi Judith
thank you for your challenge - certainly different theme, so I chose to make mine in redwork depicting an Amish quilter.
I have tried to show the simplicity of Amish life, although having been to an Amish home in Intercourse, noticed that it was anything but sparse. Very grand and welcoming it was.
All the best for your future quilting, from Lorraine

'My Country' for Lynn

Thank you for your challenge Lynn, I had many different thoughts about this one and finally settled for a 'waving flag' across the map of Australia. Hope you enjoy your little quilt they certainly look great on the blog.
cheers from Lorraine

Mini Modern for Pam

I love the 'modern' quilt movement we see so much of these days, lots of bright fresh colours used and interesting yet simple quilting to compliment the projects.
Thank you for your interesting challenge.
for Pam from Lorraine.

Medieval for Mary

I saw a picture of a similar design in a book I bought in Ireland about Celtic illuminated letters used in the Book of Kells. My quilt is a simplified version. There are many glorious designs used in Celtic manuscripts.
Hope you enjoy all your little quilts Mary.
from Lorraine [better late than never]

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sunset from Lynn

The background is one piece of fabric which was perfect for this challenge! I decided to add the Aussie thongs as there might be someone admiring the sunset.
It has been a wonderful experience being part of this group and I wish everyone a wonderful future of creativity.
Anna, enjoy your Sunset Gallery.
Best wishes from

Friday, December 2, 2016

Sunset for Myself and Au Revoir.

Here is my Sunset taken from a photo on holiday in Hawaii last year. 
 Thankyou so much for the lovely quilts I have seen on the blog, and those I have received already. It is very sad that it is 'sunset' for our group but I am sure we will meet again along the way in this quilting world that we all belong to.
Haere Ra and much love to you all.