Friday, January 31, 2014

Acid Rain by Anna

We are very lucky to live in either Australia or New Zealand and not suffer from pollution and acid rain which kills vegetation, pollutes the rivers and streams and is harmful to all living things.
Hope you enjoy receiving your quilts Kay. 
Cheers Anna

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Deb - Singing in the Rain


I think we all know the movie Singing in the Rain with Gene Kelly in the starring role. It was reported that Kelly was ill with a temperature when he filmed the take, and also that his suit shrank!
I used to watch lots of these old films when I was doing my Mothercraft nursing course. I would come home from night duty and watch the Midday Movie (often in black and white). Does anyone else remember those?
I couldn't find a fabric with raindrops so I bought a spot fabric and made droplets with a Pigma pen. I realised that was a pretty crazy idea after the first fifty but it was too late by then!!
I always ask Rod about ideas for these challenges. His idea for Rain was a picture of the Queen with the words 'long may she reign' !!

Lynn - Rain

I remembered a linocut of umbrellas in the NSW Art Gallery in Sydney. Diagonal lines across the picture looked like quilting. Variegated thread makes wonderful rain.
Best wishes from

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kay W - Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

Little boys do love jumping in mud puddles.  My rain quilt is inspired by a lovely children's poem by A.A. Milne, from his anthology "When We were Very Young", called "Happiness" and its first line is, "John had great big waterproof boots on."

My boots are made from a kind of plastic fabric which was left over from the Knights costumes I made for my grandsons.  I wanted to put lots more splashes and bubbles on the boots but my free motion foot would not move across the plastic.  It just stuck like glue.

Kay W.

Lorraine - 'Singing in the Rain'

"Singing in the Rain"

We have a family of blackbirds who return to our garden annually to raise their young. In the evenings and when it's raining they sing beautifully and I forgive them for scratching a great deal of the mulch onto the pathways. 
So I thought of their song when Kay set the 'Rain' challenge.
Hope you enjoy all your little quilts Kay.
Looking forward to Kerry's challenge.

Kay H - "Every Raindrop is Different"


I tried to follow the "Rain" theme as close as I could. Getting the transparent look of the water was hard. I used "holographic" organza, covered with plastic for the drops. I kept the piece in grey tones as that is what I associate with a rainy day.

I nearly always light candles on a rainy day, - the light makes you feel good and it doesn't matter what time of day it is, - try it!

Kay H.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Raining Violets" stitched by Margie

"Though April showers 
May come your way, 

They bring the flowers

That bloom in May;
And if it's raining, 

Have no regrets;
Because, it isn't raining rain, you know, 

It's raining violets."

April Showers lyrics by Buddy DeSilva and sung by Al Jolson

And if you flip back to the "Water" quilts you'll find "April showers"

Mary - After the Rain

Hi Kay
I wanted to get this up for you as I am away for a few days.
My first effort at "rain" was dismal - must have been the subject!
So here is my quilt, using a piece of my hand dyed fabric, which just seemed to fit "After the Rain".
I think it is in the tropics.
I used some beads to add dewdrops to the foliage.
Hope you like it