Saturday, May 31, 2014

Number 10 - Kay

When I saw the challenge 'Doorways' the first thought in my head was 'Number 10', one of the world's best known doors. My research on the net revealed , in a photographer's blog, that the number one is ever so slightly larger than the zero, and the zero, while being perfectly round on the outside is an uneven oval on the inner edge. So here is a small section of that very famous door, 10 Downing St, London, SW1A2AA, United Kingdom.

[and did you know that you cannot open the door to no. 10 from the outside - there is always someone on the inside to open the door - that is according to Stephen Fry on QI   Margie]

What's behind the Doors? - Helen

There are over 80 bathing boxes that present quite a spectacle along Melbourne's Brighton Beach. These weatherboard and corrugated iron structures are compact, colourful and are without electricity and water. I haven't visited any of these boxes but have always wondered what's inside - I presume that it's mainly privacy!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Doorways by Lynn

I have always been fascinated by old houses, and doors in particular. Where do they lead? What happens behind them? What stories could these old French houses tell?
Thank you all for your wonderful interpretations of the theme. I look forward to seeing them "in the flesh".
Best wishes from Lynn.

Monday, May 26, 2014

"The keys to my heart" Pam Furniss, for Lynn

My words for this photo are: “What fun when I finally got an idea.”
( I am a lady of few words sometimes.)
Thanks for a fun topic Lynn.
Hope you enjoy the postie’s deliveries.
Cheers, Pam

Will be sending info about dinner in Darling Harbour soon for the Saturday night of the Quilt Show.

"Doorways" stitched by Margie

I do enjoy being outdoors so most of my doorways open out to the garden and beyond.  I took the opportunity to ‘doodle’ with needle and thread – through each doorway is a little landscape.

The Gates of Moria for Lynn

Hi Lynn

The background in this little piece was discharged dyed by my friend Catherine from Distressed Threads. 
I think the background makes the quilt look slightly spooky which fits the title, taken from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, remember that terrible scene when the little people looked into the dark world?
The doorways are looking good Lynn, this was such a good challenge.


Look who's behind the Door. From Kerry

This is my front door, very predictable I guess. Had to be a pieced quilt for me and did not have to look very far for inspiration.  I love coming home to this greeting. When we built the house and designed the front door we did not realise what a perfect height the glass was. Thank you Lynn enjoyed this challenge. 
A super big thank you to you all for my lovely quilts, I show all the quilters who come and visit and they all ooh and ahh. I am off to the US and London tomorrow so will think what to do for the next challenge while I am away.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

"Come into my garden" Kay Haerland

Opening up into a Spring garden, complete with a pond. Just the place for a romantic stroll with you know who…..
Enjoy the quilts, Lynn.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Trip Around Our World - Judith

Celebrating the fortnight we travelled around the South Island in our 1941 Ford One Tonner with the All American Truck Club. 

Once more this is a computer generated quilt using an app on the iPad to transform a photo into a line drawing and photoshop to aid with the composition followed, of course, by the quilting.
Kerry I hope this quilt gives you as much pleasure as it gave me during its construction.