Monday, October 8, 2012

Wagon Tracks - Kerry

A change of sub theme for me this round of challenges. Helen as you know  I was so good to get this to you but somehow forgot the posting of my picture.

This block came from Once More Around the Block by Judy Hopkins ,one of the first quilting books I ever bought.  There will be more posted on our challenge blog before the two years is up. I have the next challenge made and ready to go Anna.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Devils Marbles - Helen

The Devils Marbles are located on "The Track" (sometimes called the Stuart Highway!) just north of Wauchope and about 110 km south of Tennant Creek. The Track runs through the Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve and most visitors stop to explore this vast collection of huge granite boulders.
My quilt looked a bit dull and uniteresting so I decided to revisit the scene and give the boulders a much deserved makeover. Not sure that the second quilt was a good idea!
Thankyou everyone for your fantastic and diverse response to "Tracks" - and now looking forward to

Journey Lines from Lynn

I decided that as we are stitching across the ditch, an indigenous theme would be appropriate.
In Aboriginal culture, during the Dreamtime, the ancestors wandered the land, and Aboriginal Australia is mapped according to the journey lines of these ancestors and the marks they made on the landscape.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spider Tracks - Ngaire

Firstly my apologies for the lateness and the quality of the picture. This has been ready for a few days but the camera has decided to go on the blink. I guess we might need another one.
Often when I go out into the garden there is a spider's web. The spider works during the night tracking back and forth, back and forth creating its beautiful web Little drops of dew attach themselves to the web which makes it sparkle. Now the spider waits for some food. Mine isn't quite as even as the spiders but I hope you like it Helen.

Tracking the Weather by Anna

A complex low weather pattern is tracking towards New Zealand unlike Australia which is basking in a large high . This seems to be a common occurrence!!!!
Hope you enjoy Helen
Cheers Anna

Monday, October 1, 2012

Lorraine - Tidbinbilla Tracks Curiosity!

For Helen,
The deep space complex at Tidbinbilla near Canberra [A.C.T.] supports many missions by NASA including the Mars exploration rovers - 'Curiosity'.
It's surrounded by grazing cows & the odd bunny I suspect!
Hope you like it Helen