Thursday, September 29, 2016

"Lovebirds" stitched by Margie

I'm a great follower of the 'keep it simple' principle, so I have stitched a very traditional Amish 'bars' design in plain cloth. "Lovebirds" is from Quilting designs of the Amish by Pepper Cory. 

Kaffe and the Amish - Helen

One of my favourite Amish quilts is Roman Stripes. The Kaffe fabric seemed to blend with my very meagre stash of solids. Judith - quilts are looking great and hope you enjoy. The fabrics are not faded at the bottom of the quilt - my next workshop needs to be photography!!

Amish Steps by Anna

Enjoyed researching the Amish Quilts with you Judith. Great topic. Love the way this one looks 3D.
Looking forward to the lucky last 'sunset 'quilts from you all next month. Cheers Anna

Deb - Amish Inspiration

I really enjoyed looking through my Amish quilting books for ideas. It brought back great memories of my two trips to the Amish country. I had a crazy log cabin block already made up using Kaffe Fassett shot cottons and decided to quilt some feather wreaths. I've never used them on any quilt before and I really love the effect. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Amish for Judith

Hi Judith
Love the colours of Amish quilts.
 I did some hand quilting on this one, you can see a bit of it in the picture.
With love, from Mary

For Judith from Pam

Hope you're enjoying all our little challenges...

Got to do the Amish look, but not sure I moved into the inspired part of your challenge!

However, - loved making it for you.



For Judith from Kay H


Hi Judith,
We lived half an hour from the Amish country in Pennsylvania for 20 years, and every trip up there gave us views like this!  

Such heartfelt memories of the quilts, the fabric and the people!  This is where I got inspired to start quilting in the mid 1980-s…

X   Kay H

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Land of the Long White Cloud. by Kerry

I wanted to piece the background but decided to try a confetti effect so used the colours of New Zealand . Red for the Pohutakawa, Yellow for the sun,Blue for the sea and of course green for the land. Enjoyed making this little quilt for you Lynn . On its way tomorrow.