Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Red Hat Lady - Helen

At around the time that Ruth advised her theme a friend joined the Red Hat Society; so the idea of Red Hat Lady emerged fairly quickly. I am told that for functions members of the Red Hat Society are expected (or perhaps are required!) to wear purple clothing and red hats, embellished with as much bling as desired. And if a function is held in the month of a member's birthday then the colour scheme for the birthday girl is reversed. No doubt there are many other guidelines.
Thankyou Ruth for being in our group - I've admired all of your quilts. Helen

Monday, July 30, 2012

Deb - The Red Carpet

 I had lots of different ideas for RED - Redhead matches, Red Dog, red wine, redwork embroidery, etc, but settled on The Red Carpet. I have never been in a limousine or walked on a red carpet but I think we all deserve a bit of the 'red carpet' treatment occasionally! The limousine is worked with red embroidery thread (redwork) and the background is hand quilted. Best wishes on your travels Ruth!


RED Tulips for Ruth.
Had thought of lot of other things, but kept coming back to these tulips.
Guess you don't see these much up where you live.
Hope you enjoy all the little quilts coming your way as a memory of all of us.
I so enjoyed seeing your work.
Thanks Ruth.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

"A little bit retro red" stitched by Margie for Ruth

I think of red as representing danger, passion, drama; but red with white has a much more casual feel. From my collection of red fabrics and other "stuff" I thought these pieces had a cheerful fifties look. Stitched and hand quilted by Margie for Ruth. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Red Bloom by Anna

I can remember when we first set up the idea of "Stitch across the Ditch" that you thought your title was going to be "Bloom", Ruth. For some unknown reason that stuck with me so was most surprised when you chose "Red" as your subject. No avail ,I have done you a "Red Bloom". Hope you like this as your farewell gift from me and hopefully we will cross paths again somewhere along the way.
 Cheers Anna