Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Polly Circus - Kay

Many apologies for the late contribution, but while I should have been working on it, Bill and I were enjoying a lovely holiday in London and Cornwall (it was freezing!) and on our return there were some big family issues which had to come first.

While I was in London I took many photographs of Picadilly Circus - it seemed to be the obvious choice of topic.  However, when we arrived home the behaviour of our federal politicians sent my brain even further into left field! For the benefit of our New Zealand members, they were engaged in a "faux" leadership challenge and were so busy trying to stab each other in the back that the commentators labeled it a political circus.

So here is the "Polly Circus", with the politicians, otherwise known as pollies, with the Australian penchant for shortening names, and of course, polly is another name for a cocky.  Our national capital is represented by the concentric circles of its design (one can get lost for days driving around in circles) surrounded by colours of the Australian landscape.   In the centre, with its manicured lawns is Parliament House which has morphed into a circus tent.  The Pollies are circling, with knives drawn.

It is a long way out there, but it certainly exercised my brain.  I hope you enjoy it.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ngaire - Balancing Bella

Sorry this is a little late Deb. I was ahead of Judy and Anna until Bella wasn't quite right and needed to be done a second time.
This image was taken from a child's colouring in book, which is a great resource for pictures. Hope you enjoy her and all the othe lovely quilts made.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Big Top - Helen

Every event requires a venue - so I decided to feature the Circus venue, The Big Top, in my quilt. Any resemblance, however minor, to a structure in Canberra is purely intentional !!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

High Flyer by Judith

 Like many of the group’s members I have fond memories of visits to the circus, both as a child and then later taking our children.  One of the most memorable occasions was when we took our 3 year old twins to their first circus, our son was so thrilled he gave a running commentary all night, no way could we stop the chatter. Fortunately those around us were both very forgiving and highly amused. His sister on the other hand was terrified.
I admire the skill, courage and strength of the trapeze artists so when I saw this happy fellow he just had to be the subject for “Circus”
Thank you Deb for a great challenge, I enjoyed making this quilt for you and I hope it gives you pleasure.   

Every Circus has a Clown by Anna

Every circus I have ever been to has had a clown, even the new type of circus which doesn't include animals but has lots of clever acrobatics, fancy lights and amazing costumes.We all love going to the circus and have fond memories as children of the big top.A great topic thankyou, Deb.

Mary - Dancer and Prancer

Hi Deb
Well I always wanted to be the dancer on the horse. 
Sadly I never danced (not graceful enough) or the horse skill (scared of horses) but it seemed so glamorous - probably not in reality.

The Big Top - Kerry

I loved going to the Circus as a little girl ,especially the clowns. When my daughter was born there was a range of fabrics with beautiful clowns so happily went about creating a nursery  based around clowns. Imagine my surprise when she was a toddler I discovered she was terrified of clowns. Luckily her brother did not have the same phobia. When you want a themed fabric it's never around is it? Apparently clowns haven't been around for a while so all my local shops say. Fortunately my reach is far and wide and a lady in Dunedin found me a tiny scrap. Thank you Deb for the challenge, it really did stretch me as I wanted to do a pieced quilt and apart from the clown and balloon it is that.