Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ripe for the Picking

 The quilt’s story, perhaps a more appropriate title would be “Rescued from Fate Unknown”

The starting point: a photo of some large red crab apples.  Inspiration: a magazine article on free motion machine quilting written by Jenny Bowker.  Unfortunately my attempt fell far short, the proportions were totally wrong.  What to do without sacrificing all that quilting?

Help came from two different sources.  Firstly, a TV programme on Chinese garden design and the way circular openings in stonewalls are used to frame a particular view.  Secondly, a magazine article about the use of watercolour pencils in quilt making.  To complete the rescue I reprinted the apples and appliquéd them in place.

This is far from the original concept, but may be, a fair compromise under the circumstances.

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