Sunday, February 12, 2012

What If

Lorraine my humblest apologies for being so late with this quilt but “What If” has been so much fun to make it seemed a pity to rush it to meet the deadline.

Inspiration came from Judi Dains’ book “Bold and Beautiful” which invites you to find hidden patterns in batik or hand dyed fabric, outline and stitch then paint the patterns. That was fun however mine lacked value and was too small.  So off to the computer to look for a solution, from this point the quilt lead me on an exciting journey, there were many “what if” moments and mini challenges to be met.  It really has been a wonderful challenge and one I have thoroughly enjoyed.
Thank you Lorraine, enjoy your quilts and have fun unwrapping all those parcels.

Cheers  Judith

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  1. This quilt has lots of depth~! ♥♥♥