Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Deb - Bag of Marbles

This was a fun topic Ngaire.
I Googled toys to look for some ideas and found an image of a bag of marbles that I really liked. Turns out to be an Australian woman in Sydney designing her own fabric. So I purchased two colour ways of the marble fabric and asked Susie's permission to use her image. (You can visit her blog here.)  I also had fun finding all the 'marble' fabrics and cut out far more that I actually needed!
I can't ever remember actually playing the game of marbles (not even sure how it's played!) but I do remember enjoying looking at all the lovely colours, the feel and sound of the marbles in their bag, and just the fact of owning them! 
My daughter uses marbles as a reward system for her children. When they have a certain number of marbles (for being good or doing jobs or not fighting) they can have a coveted object. There is often talk in their house about 'losing all your marbles'!

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