Thursday, November 29, 2012

Deb - Rainbow Layer Cake

When I Googled the word LAYERS lots of images came up - layers of the earth, layers of skin, layers of clothes - but I was very taken with the pictures of rainbow layer cakes! I've never made one but I think I might give it a try one day. They do look quite sensational.
This quilt caused me a lot of angst! I made one version but didn't like it, then ran out of the background fabric I'd used and had to find something else. I tea dyed this one because the spots were too bright. Then I couldn't find the right fabric for the fork, and don't even start me on those coloured sprinkles! (Tweezers and good magnifying glasses were needed!) But I'm happy with the outcome and hope you like it Anna.
(I find it really difficult to photograph these small quilts and get the borders to look straight, because they are! Perhaps I'm standing too close when I take the photo.)

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