Saturday, December 1, 2012


Always down load the photo first, just in case!
I too have a square quilt, but can't get it to photograph that way either????
My first and second attempt [at being an art quilter] just didn't work out.
This was a big challenge for me, however I couldn't get layers [chooks] out of my head.
Anna, the chooks are layered too with vliesofix and batting [a bit stuffed]
Thanks to the Adelaide girls for the great photos of our earlier quilts.
Aren't we all clever!
Hope you enjoy this quilt, Anna and the other ones that will be on there way to you.
Hope you enjoy the next challenge COLOURS [spelling for you Deb]. I have no idea what I will do at this stage, and why I even picked this theme.
Enjoy everyone.
Happy Christmas and looked forward to meeting you in 2013.

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