Thursday, June 27, 2013

Faceless Man in a Blue Tie by Kay W.

When Mary posted "A Portrait" as our next challenge I wondered what on earth I could do.  Then the state of politics in Australia in the last two weeks was a gift!

The Australians and probably the New Zealanders in our group will get the reference.  If there are readers outside our countries, the Labor Party in Australia is often said to be run by "faceless men".  That is, party members, not elected to parliament, who set policies and do deals without their names or faces being known or published.  Last week the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, made a speech saying that if the nation voted for the opposition Liberal Party at the next election then all we would get in the government would be men wearing blue ties and no women.  Unfortunately, at the time, she was surrounded by her senior cabinet and party colleagues, all men in blue ties!  And now she is no longer the Prime Minister.

So I couldn't resist making a faceless man wearing his very nice blue tie.  What fun!


PS  I know I have posted this early, but I am setting off to visit my sons and the Sisters Quilt Show on Saturday and won't be back until well after the deadline.

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