Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Portrait Challenge - Kay H


Mick is our neighbour. He is a bit of a diamond in the rough, with a heart of gold and so much character. He will do anything for you, and will tackle anything. He has helped us over and over again as he has many others.  To my relief, he actually likes his "portrait".
This was a real challenge for me. Bård took the picture of Mick and manipulated it with Photoshop to make it a bit like it was done with a palette knife.  With that as a start, I first created a cotton fabric base, then I spent hours and hours burning pieces of organza in different colours with a hot nib stencil burner, then carefully placing (and re-placing, and re-re-placing) layer upon layer of the organza pieces to create the shadings I wanted. Next time I will use a face I don't know, because trying to get it to really look like Mick often conflicted with how I felt like representing the face.

These challenges are great!! I probably take them too seriously, but I learn soooo much and it takes me outside my comfort zone!

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