Friday, October 25, 2013

Kay H - "Blue" and "Negative Space"

Hi all,  Kay H here

Two posts from me today, - sorry to be late to post the "Blue" piece, but it was sent to Ngaire on time  (...just catching up).

My love is nature, which gets a different twist in Blue, - this is moonlight and the hues turning to a bluish tinge when darkness falls. There are a couple of fireflies on the wall, giving a little luminescence to the piece.

                                                               -----  0000  -----

I have also finished the " Negative Space" challenge, which really had me thinking.

In the end it seemed to me that the idea is the contrast between the space where "nothing" dominates, and the life, colour and shapes where "everything"  happens. This was fun!

Keep them coming!!!


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