Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Waiting at the Lights by Kay W.

One day while waiting for a right turn arrow I found myself staring at a green traffic light.  It suddenly occurred to me that lights are no longer plain disk of colour, but are made up of lots of little lights in concentric circles.  Must be those new LED lights or something very technical, I thought.  This led me to look carefully at the lights every time I was stopped.  Sure enough, on almost all of them, all three colours are the LED (?) type, although I have found a few of the old kind of lights still exist.  I know that by now you all think I need help, but this provided my inspiration for Up Close.  So here is my Green Light, up really close.  I chose the green one because I happened to have shiny green fabric!

Note to Lorraine:  Somehow I got a bit carried away with the placement of my green circles and did not pay sufficient attention to the boundary lines I had marked on the fabric.  They were all stitched on before I realised I had exceeded the 9" width - and I wasn't going to start again.  So this one actually measures 9 3/8 if I am being really pedantic or 9 1/2 if measured roughly!

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