Saturday, October 4, 2014

Canola Fields by Kay W.

Apologies for my late posting.  Until last week when Deb emailed about wonderful things appearing on the blog I was thinking I had another three weeks because this was another one due while we were away and I would have to get my good friend Helen to do the posting for me again.  Don't know where that idea came from, but it was there and whilst I had an idea I had done nothing about putting it on fabric!  So I had to get busy, quickly!

This may seem like an almost 'normal' quilt for me! A few weeks ago we had to drive to Tamworth because my mother was unwell.  For the New Zealanders and anyone else not familiar with the route, the drive takes two full days from Adelaide, across the Mallee, the Hay Plain, through the Riverina and Mid West districts of New South Wales and finally into the North West Slopes and Plains.  Much of this is grain country and for a large part of this trip in September all we could see, for miles and miles were green fields of young plants, cut across in great swathes by acres and acres of bright yellow canola flowers.  It was stunning - and not the colour scheme that one usually thinks of as 'Australian'.

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