Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Three Wise Penguins by Kay W.

I always intended to make a Christmas Quilt.  For many years I bought a new pattern every July, vowing to have it done by Christmas.  Of course it never happened!  Then one year I discovered a book, "Friends for Christmas" by Lynette Anderson (2003).  It was full of Christmas stitcheries, placemats, stockings and decorations and what I thought was the most beautiful Christmas quilt ever. It had six large blocks, a Santa, reindeer, a sleigh, a snowman, a penguin decorating a tree and the block that sold me on the whole package, "Three Wise Penguins".  You saw the date, 2003 and it is now 2014 and all I have done is read the book and look at the lovely pictures - often.  I once bought some penguin fabric, but I used it for something else!

Thank you, Helen for reminding me of my favourite block in my favourite Christmas quilt design. My penguins are smaller than the pattern to fit our size requirements and whilst I know they are not original, I have finally made a Christmas Quilt!

Source:  "Friends for
Christmas" by Lynette Anderson (2003)

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