Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Black, white and a Smidge of Green by Kay W

Apologies for the late post.  I have been away and very carefully loaded my photo onto my iPad before I went so I could post it on the appropriate day.  Only problem was I forgot to take the blog's email and password, which are saved on my computer, so I could access the posting page.  I did, however get my quilt mailed to Kay on time!

Anyway, a couple of years ago I was lucky enough to attend the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and the preceding symposium.  I took a class with Elizabeth Hartman called Modern Mosaic Blocks.  It was quite different for me because it was all sloping lines, no right angles or matching points!  I completed a wall hanging size quilt which I quite like and ever since I have been looking for an opportunity to try the technique again.  I thought this challenge presented the perfect occasion.  The only problem was that to make the blocks look balanced within our size format  I needed to scale them down considerably.  And therein lay the real challenge! However, I am glad that I tried it.  Isn't it a coincidence that two of us chose Elizabeth Hartman techniques for this project?

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