Thursday, September 23, 2010

12 in the ditch - swim! by Margie

Back to basics! This simple block known as "Bright Hopes" was the first I ever made when I firs went to patchwork and quilting classes in 1989.  In my quilt for Pam there are 12 blocks each with a bright centre, one for each of us; and I've used twelve different blue fabrics for the sea. So here we are in the ditch - I hope you can swim!
It's a little early because next week I'll be at Fibre Arts @ Geelong with Deb. I'm doing Mary Crehan's class Footsteps and Journeys - tell you all about it later.
Does any one know how to crop the photo.s?

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  1. Lovely quilt Margie! I still haven't taken a photo of mine yet. To crop is simple and can be done in the program you used to store the image. Usually done by right clicking on the image and then cropping tool comes up! This is how I do it any way...have a lovely time at the workshop.