Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I spent some time looking into the number 12.  I found out lots of mathematical properties of 12, but nothing that pointed to a quilt.  I thought of a dozen, but I couldn’t draw a chook!  I thought of a dodecagon or a dodecahedron – both too hard to draw on paper, let alone reproduce in fabric.  So I decided to think laterally.  With what other items in my life was the number 12 associated?

When the original topic had been "9",  I was going to do something about the worst Beatles song ever recorded, “Revolution 9” from the “White Album”.  Thinking about this took me to the garage where all my old records are gathering dust on a shelf, looking rather sad.  There was my quilt – the sad demise of the 12 inch long playing record, superseded by CD’s, DVD’s, iPods etc.  So my quilt is a warped and melting LP, surrounded by the names of some of my favourite old recording artists from the LP era.

It is always nice to learn something when making a new quilt.  This time I learned more than I needed to know about the number 12 as well as the fact that I am not very good at writing with my machine!  More practice needed in this department!


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