Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Twelve! by Deb

I went round and round with the theme "Twelve" and kept coming back to a 'dozen'.  Hence the eggs!  After many years of appliqueing chooks on teatowels (to sell) I had plenty of pictures to choose from. I thought this poor chook looked suitably horrified at the thought of twelve babies!  As I said in a previous post I quilted the background before I did the applique - much easier!  I enjoyed doing this and am really looking forward to the next theme. (Click on image to enlarge.) 
I keep forgetting to put my name on the post.  Perhaps we should all make a habit of putting it in the title?


  1. Another great quilt!!...lucky Pam..Your hen does have a bemused look. I love the way you have done the quilting!

  2. Lovely chook! I remembered my name at the end of my post, but forgot the title! We should get it right next time! Kay