Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kasuri - Jane

Happy New Year to All!

My humble apologies for the delay in getting this quilt onto the blog and to its rightful owner! I took all fabric to Oxford with good intentions....and it all came back with me still neatly stowed.

Collecting kasuri fabrics from Japan has been great fun and my assortment of kasuri is slowly growing. There are many different designs to be found and each has a meaning which adds to my interest in them. I have included this link which gives a few details about kasuri.


  1. Beautiful quilt Jane, and your comments about taking things away with you on holidays and then not doing any of it are very familiar! I think we've all done that!

  2. well done Jane, yes I can relate to your comments about taking some small item for sewing away with you. It's like a secutiry blanket isn't it - can't go without something to sew.
    cheers Lorraine

  3. worth waiting for Jane; I was worried that you might be lost somewhere under tons of snow; so glad you were enjoying yourself so much there was not time to sew!