Saturday, January 29, 2011

Through the Window [of my camera]

What a delight it was to do this challenge! Tom and I travelled around Australia a few years ago and we came across this beautiful gum tree. It was full of gum blossoms, bright yellow in color. I took a photo with my camera and have wanted to make a quilt of it ever since. I tried to insert the scan photo I took, but to no avail. It just wouldn't accept it. Sometimes I don't like this block very much. I will try to send it through on an email. So here is the quilt! I hope you enjoy this quilt Anna.
I so enjoyed making this, but was a little unsure of the gum blossoms. If anyone knows how to make gum blossoms look like gum blossoms I would love your help.

Look forward to the FISH challenge. Thanks Deb.

1 comment:

  1. I've tried to copy and paste pictures saved as a word document and it seems you just can't Pam - the "help" topics revealed that it can't be done except in some convoluted way that I couldn't figure out. And I think your gum blossoms are just perfect Pam - just the suggested shape rather than photo realistic.
    Now for something "fishy" - cheers, Margie