Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kutting-edge Kaleidoscope

I'm not a serious collector but it seems over the years I have accumulated a number of pairs of scissors, rotary cutters etc. You might say tools required for quilting.
Kutting-edge Kaleidoscope is a computer generated quilt which resulted from a scan of some of this accumulation. The scan was then manipulated in Photoshop to produce first the kaleidoscope and then the border fabric, printed with an inkjet printer on to cotton and finally quilted and bound.
I have attached the original scan as I thought it may of interest to see how it looked in the beginning. The portion used to create the kaleidoscope was taken from lower right corner.
Thank you Helen for setting such an interesting challenge. It has been fun and I am really enjoying seeing the other quilts as they are posted, all are inspiring.
Cheers Judy

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