Monday, November 29, 2010

Too Many Recipes, too Little Time

When Helen chose "My Collections", my first thought was, I don't collect anything.  Then I thought there is lots of fabric, but by definition, to be in this group we would all have lots of fabric.  I looked at my bookshelf and saw all the cook books, thenI went to get something from a kitchen drawer and saw my "recipe file".  My recipe file is a large plastic bag containing scraps of paper - hand written, cut from magazines and newspapers, or promotional brochures put out by various companies.  It is not organised in any way, but when I need a recipe I always know what colour paper I am searching for!  There are so many that if I started today and made something different every day it would take years to get through everything - but I still cut out new things when I see them.
My little quilt shows my bag bursting with recipes.  The small squares around the border represent my fabric collection.


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  1. I have a recipe file just like that in an ice cream container!