Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ring A Ring A Rosy - Kerry Glen

What a busy couple  of months it has been for me. I have been to Adelaide for the Craft and Quilt Show, Brisbane for the Craft and Quilt and finally Melbourne last weekend for the Quilting Trade show so I spent plenty of thought processes on what my collection could comprise of and came up with the obvious, my fabrics of course.
This selection of my collection just jumped off the shelves as they are just new in and I think the colours are very much Rose colours . My garden gets so little attention but the roses just keep on coming. And when in Adelaide was impressed how well they were growing in the beautiful gardens we passed to and from the showgrounds.
So Helen from my garden to  yours.My congrats also Helen on your beautiful quilts. And I would like to thank the girls in Adelaide who as usual made me very welcome and supported my stand to the extreme.

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